Control you fav audio player via Nokia N8

Last week I thought of trying a weekend experiment to control an audio player running on computer via a phone. Naturally it is a client – server mechanism both communicating  via wi-fi (both in the same subnet). So I choose Qt for both ends. I used QTcpSocket (No special intention to go for connection oriented tcp, its just like that) to pass requests across both ends. Client sends a request (play, pause, next, prev to keep the experiment simple) to server  and server looks for the correct command for this request and executes on host machine. I used clamp to control winamp on Windows, and rhythmbox-client to control rhythmbox music player on Ubuntu (Yes, it works on Linux – after all its Qt). Virtually you can control any possible audio player (even iTunes on Mac) by extending the commands xml with the respective commands for the player. To keep things simple, client and server communicates in XML lingo and exchange status via HTTP status codes. Connection between client and server happens auto-magically by selecting the first non-local host network interface and connecting with it via a fixed port. You can find the sources at my usual repo . Just to try out Forum Nokia Projects, I also hosted the code at

Disclamier: I named it “angel” just because it controls everything over air. Neither the experiment is as beautiful as an Angel nor I believe in them. Title is quite decieving (I know 🙂 ), its just to attract more views by using the buzz word N8. But it runs on any phone with Qt libs.


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