KDE Conf – where passion met profession.

Our group photo @ kde.conf
kde logo


I attended KDE/Qt conference in Bangalore last week (9-13 March’11). Talks about Qt, QtQuick, the interesting GCF (Generic Component Framework), sessions on first KDE app, bug squash session (orientation session on fixing bugs in KDE) are informative. Apart from talks it is a great experience to interact with KDE, Qt developers. Especially three things caught my attention …

  1. KDE community’s passion.
  2. KDE community’s passion.
  3. KDE community’s passion.

Yes, its passion written all over. I am completely impressed by the commitment of the community who organized this first of its kind conference in India. Most of the people who organized this conference are professionals, software developers (I have seen students also) – so I say it is where passion met profession. I wish more such events be organized in India.


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