Post Qt Dev Days 2011 San Fransisco

Qt Developer Days 2011

I attended Qt Dev Days at San Fransisco. As usual it is a great developer event. Here are the highlights.

Keynotes from Canonical and RIM embraced Qt into their ecosystems. RIM is using Qt in BBX. They ported Qt 4.8 to run on BBX and they made changes to their system so that Qt Quick is used best . Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu presented their grand plan of Qt in their ecosystem of desktop, mobile, tablet, TV and more. Lars Knoll (the chief maintainer of Qt) talked about Qt5 and beyond. While interacting during dinner he assured that Qt5 is promising.

The Nokia N9 give away!

This is unexpected and Nokia surprised us all. All participants were given a color dot (blue/red) on their card and all red dots got a shinny new Nokia N9 via kinda lucky draw. I am a red dot !

Nokia N9

So what is the future of Qt ?

This event is a major Qt meetup after Feb’11 announcement. So a natural question arises of what is the future of Qt. Symbian got an expiry date, Meego is merged into Tizen, no clear announcement on “next billion” strategy –  how Qt making sense on mobile/tablet ecosystem?

But this event gave a message that Qt should be seen beyond Nokia. Qt has an important role to play in much wider and different platforms. Thanks to open governance and qt-project which makes it easy to adapt Qt into a wider spectrum.

As RIM VP said in his keynote “Why Qt? Because it’s pretty awesome. We almost couldn’t find a reason why NOT Qt“.


4 thoughts on “Post Qt Dev Days 2011 San Fransisco

  1. So.. you are core to Qt and it surrounding ecosystem. Cool Siva!! Didnt know that you attended 2011 Dev Days!!! How was it different from the previous one?

    1. Hi Priju,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Compared to prev dev days, 2011 dev days is about making Qt an open choice for multiple platforms apart from Nokia backed platforms. Sounds like a natural move after Feb11. One more difference is that you were not with me this time 😦

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