Introducing FeedParrot – a Qt based feed manager


I was working on FeedParrotas an internal project to provide a reliable data source/manager for my apps in Nokia Store. Now I am putting this work in open so that anyone who is using RSS feeds can make use of it. Since it is available under LGPL licensing you are free to use it as you want and of course contribute back.

FeedParrot is a full fledged feed manager suite that includes a feed manager and a feed parser. It is all developed in Qt and in particularly keeping in mind of mobile platforms that Qt supports. There are already deployed apps using FeedParrot in Nokia Store and many more coming.

FeedParrot is aimed to be a one stop solution to fetch the feeds from network, parse them and manage them – all in a simple and elegant Qt API so that you can concentrate on your app logic rather than worrying about managing the feeds.

To use FeedParrot clone it from git and include in your project file.

To add a feed

// Adds a feed with 1hr interval and starts the update process
RSSManager* feedManager = ...;

Connect to its updateReady signal to receive the updated feeds.

 onUpdateReady(QUrl url, int newItems)  {
    RSSParser* parser = feedManager->parser(url);
    if(parser) {
         // Get title of 1st item in the feed
         QString title = parser->itemElement(0,RSSParser::title);
         // Get description
         QString desc= parser->itemElement(0,RSSParser::description);

It can be directly used into QML also. See this app for more info.

You can give your feedback to srikanthsombhatla(at) Your feedback helps to improve it further.


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