The writing on the wall is clear. Swift is the way to go. With Swift 2.0 it gets better. If anyone is waiting to start learning swift this is the best time.

App indexing is the undercurrent theme for WWDC and Google IO as well. Using NSUserActivity and CoreSpotlight your app’s activities and contents can be indexed and searched from iOS9 Proactive page. Simply this makes search contextual and deeper. Developers should take advantage of this as the benefits are beyond app indexing. This also helps in creating a global app indexing which helps in suggesting your app for installation on another iOS device where it is not yet installed. Head out to Session 709 – Introducing Search API.

And for those who still struggle with AutoLayouts, you got UIStackView. At its core it simplifies laying out multiple subviews. Looks like iOS9 took a clue from WatchKit’s WKInterfaceGroup.

Now is the right time to start building watchOS 2 apps. Apple improved the architecture to make is easy for developers to build responsive and engaging watch apps.

iOS8 adoption was low because of the huge free space required to upgrade the OS. But with iOS9 Apple not only reduced the OS size, but introduced App Thinning. With App Thinning, your apps will be much smaller, which results in better space management on User’s device, which results in more free space. All this with very little code changes. Head out to Session 404 – Xcode App Thinning. Boy you should use this.

Others include improved multi-taksing, keyboard shortcuts, improved HomeKit and lot more. Not to forget with iOS9 Apple (un)intentionally killed couple of 3rd party apps.


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